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Tomislav Radic



Scientific publications

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Ph.D. Tomislav Radic  

Scientific publications:

  • Hancevic K, Zdunic G, Voncina D, Radic T (accepted) Grapevine virus composition influences virus elimination success and in vitro growth characteristics in cv. Plavac mali. Journal of plant pathology
  • Likar M, Vogel-Mikus K, Potisek M, Hancevic K, Radic T, Necemer M, Regvar M (2015) Importance of soil and vineyard management in the determination of grapevine mineral composition. Science of the total environment 505: 724-731.
  • Radic T, Likar M, Hancevic K, Bogdanovic I, Paskovic I (2014) Occurrence of root endophytic fungi in organic versus conventional vineyards on the Croatian coast. Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 192 (2014): 115-121.
  • Malfatti F, Turk V, Tinta T, Mozetic P, Manganelli M, Samo T, Ugalde JA, Kovac N, Stefanelli M, Antonioli M, Fonda-Umani S, Del Negro P, Cataletto B, Hozic A, Ivosevic DeNardis N, Zutic V, Svetlicic V, Misic Radic T, Radic T, Fuks D, Azam F (2014) Microbial mechanisms coupling carbon and phosphorus cycles in phosphorus-limited northern Adriatic Sea. Science of the Total Environment 470-471: 1173-1183.
  • Hancevic K, Cerni S, Nolasco G, Radic T, Rosin J, Gatin Z, Skoric D (2013) Citrus wilsonii - biological response to infection with different Citrus tristeza virus genotypes. Journal of Plant Pathology, 95(3): 615-618.
  • Hancevic K, Cerni S, Nolasco G, Radic T, Djelouah K, Skoric D (2013) Biological characterization of Citrus tristeza virus monophyletic isolates with respect to p25 gene. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 81: 45-53.
  • Likar M, Hancevic K, Radic T, Regvar M (2013) Distribution and diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in grapevines from production vineyards along the eastern Adriatic coast. Mycorrhiza, 23: 209-219.
  • Paskovic I, Herak Custic M, Pecina M, Bronic J, Palcic I, Hancevic K, Radic T (2013) Utjecaj modificiranog sintetskog zeolita A i mikoriznih gljiva na mineralni sastav lista masline. Glasnik zastite bilja 36 (4): 30-35.
  • Jug-Dujakovic M, Ristic M, Pljevljakusic D, Dajic-Stevanovic Z, Liber Z, Hancevic K, Radic T, Satovic Z (2012) High Diversity of Indigenous Populations of Dalmatian Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) in Essential-Oil Composition. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 9: 2309-2323.
  • Radic T, Hancevic K, Likar M, Protega I, Jug-Dujakovic M, Bogdanovic I (2012) Neighbouring weeds influence the formation of arbuscular mycorrhiza in grapevine. Symbiosis (Philadelphia). 56 (3): 111-120.
  • Hancevic K, Cerni S, Radic T, Skoric D (2012) Comparison of different methods for Citrus tristeza virus detection in Satsuma mandarins. Journal of plant diseases and protection, 119: 2-7.
  • Paskovic I, Herak Custic M, Pecina M, Bronic J, Subotic B, Hancevic K, Radic T (2012) Utjecaj gnojidbe sintetskim zeolitima na mineralni sastav lista masline sorte Leccino. Pomologia Croatica 18 (1-4): 33-44.
  • Ivancic I, Fuks D, Radic T, Lyons DM, Silovic T, Kraus R, Precali R (2010) Phytoplankton and bacterial alkaline phosphatase activity in the northern Adriatic Sea. Marine Environmental Research, 69: 85-94
  • Radic T, Silovic T, Santic D, Fuks D, Micic M (2009) Preliminary flow cytometric analyses of phototrophic pico- and nanoplankton communities in the northern Adriatic. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 18: 715-724
  • Ivancic I, Radic T, Lyons DM, Fuks D, Precali R, Kraus R (2009) Alkaline phosphatase activity in relation to the nutrient status in the northern Adriatic Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 378: 27-35
  • Radic T, Ivancic I, Fuks D, Radic J (2006) Marine bacterioplankton production of polysaccharidic and proteinaceous particles under different nutrient regimes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 58: 333-342
  • Radic T, Kraus R, Fuks D, Radic J, Pecar O (2005) Transparent exopolymer particles' distribution in the northern Adriatic and their relation to microphytoplankton composition and biomass. The Science of Total Environment, 353(1-3): 151-161
  • Fuks D, Radic J, Radic T, Najdek M, Blazina M, Degobbis D, Smodlaka N (2005) Relationships between heterotrophic bacteria and cyanobacteria in the northern Adriatic in relation to the mucilage phenomenon The Science of Total Environment, 353(1-3): 178-188
  • Radic T, Degobbis D, Fuks D, Radic J, Djakovac T (2005) Seasonal cycle of transparent exopolymer particles formation in the northern Adriatic during years with (2000) and without mucilage events (1999). Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 14 (3):224-230
  • Hamer B, Najdek M, Blazina M, Radic T, Reifferscheid G, Mueller WEG, Zahn RK, Batel R (2005) Genotoxic sub-lethal injuries, filamentous growth and culturability of Salmonella typhimurium TA1535/pSK1002. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 14(7): 625-633
  • Radic T, Fuks D, Radic J, Lyons DM (2004) Northern Adriatic mesocosm experiment Rovinj 2003: Dynamics of transparent organic microparticles. Periodicum Biologorum, 106 (1): 57-65
  • Zutic V, Svetlicic V, Radic T, Malfatti F, Degobbis D, Azam F (2004) Controlled ecosystem carbon flow experiment in the northern Adriatic Sea. Periodicum Biologorum, 106 (1): 1-6
  • Fuks D, Radic J, Radic T, Pecar O (2004) Northern Adriatic mesocosm experiment Rovinj 2003: Pico- and nanoplankton dynamics. Periodicum Biologorum, 106 (1): 39-47
  • Radic T, Radic J, Najdek M, Fuks D, Blazina M (2003) Potential of the northern Adriatic bacterioplankton for the production of transparent exopolymer particles. Periodicum Biologorum, 105(4): 381-387

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