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Bosko Milos



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Ph.D. Bosko Milos

Department of Applied Sciences 

1987 - Ph.D., Faculty of Foresty, University of Sarajevo
1976 - M.Sc., Faculty of Foresty, University of Sarajevo
1972 - B.Sc., Faculty of Foresty, University of Sarajevo

Scientific rank: Scientific associate

Scientific and Professional Interests: soil genesis, classification and mapping, GIS and geoinformation technologies, remote sensing, geostatistics, spectrometry, soil and environmental protection

Croatian Society of Soil Science

Diploma za uspješan rad na izradi Osnovne pedološke karte Hrvatske, mjerilo 1:50.000, Republička zajednica za znanstveni rad Hrvatske, Zagreb, 1986.

Occupation or position held:
2003-2009: Head of Department of Applied Sciences
2006-2009:  Coordinator of B.Sc. Inter-university study "Mediterranean agriculture"
Contributor in education in Inter-university study "Mediterranean agriculture" - modules "Pedology" and "Agriculture and environment"

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