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Apart from the research activities, the Institute participates in executing of the Study of the Mediterranean Agriculture. The Study is organised as an interuniversity three year B.Sc. curriculum with participating teachers from the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Zagreb, the University of Split, and the Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation in Split. This study was created in accordance with the guidelines of the Bologna Declaration (a three-year cycle and ECTS credit system) and correlates with other studies within the field of biotechnical sciences.

The emphasis of the Study is based on the specific needs of agricultural production in agro-ecological conditions of the Mediterranean part of Croatia, especially in horticulture (viticulture, fruit growing - olive, vegetable, floriculture, aromatic plants). The small number of students enables more direct interaction between teachers and students, assuring greater students’ engagement and good quality of the studying.

Upon completion of their studies students graduate with the academic title of Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering (Baccalaureus).


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